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Cooperation with the
Comprehensive Cancer Center Mainfranken at the University Hospital Würzburg

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The Birgit Werner Foundation has set itself the goal of providing individual and resource-oriented services for young women with cancer. The focus is on realizing the personal wishes and goals of those affected, as well as providing psychological care for the patients and their families during their stay in the clinic and beyond.

Psycho-oncology team at the UKW

The psycho-oncology team at Würzburg University Hospital offers counselling and help with psychological problems related to cancer. In addition to individual counselling for patients with cancer or their relatives, the support offered also includes discussion groups as well as couples or family counselling.

We offer you and your relatives psychotherapeutic support

  • in coping with illness

  • coping with anxiety and depression    coping with crises

  • in strengthening self-esteem and self-confidence

  • weighing up difficult decisions and setting priorities    in reorientation and the development of perspectives

  • in dealing with relatives and coping with problems within the partnership and family

  • to reduce tension and stress

  • promoting health behaviour

  • learning and applying relaxation techniquesdealing with fatigue

Even after an inpatient stay, we continue to offer you psycho-oncological support on an outpatient basis. It can also be helpful to talk to people who are like you. Close cooperation with self-help groups in the region is very important to us. We will be happy to support you in finding a contact person and in establishing contact. In addition to group meetings, there is of course also the possibility for individual discussions.

To the online offer of the CCCM of the University Hospital Würzburg

Fulfilling wishes

We support you in the realisation of personal concerns

The movie of your life

In cooperation with the
Ulm treasure chest

We fulfil wishes

It is life-affirming to reflect on the people, activities and memories to fully enjoy the time that remains together or alone.

Learn more about the interaction of

Birgit Werner Foundation and University Hospital Würzburg.


Giving moments of joy – creating rays of hope


A tumor disease and its treatment are often associated with psychological and physical stress. The quality of life of those affected often suffers considerably. Comprehensive psycho-oncological care is essential in all phases of the disease.

The goal is therefore to provide those affected with an individual and resource-oriented offer with the focus on the joint realization of personal wishes and goals.

We would like to accompany you with personal support during the cancer treatment and contribute to the improvement of your life situation in the best possible way.

We support you...

  • in the purchase and provision of small pleasures that make everyday hospital life more bearable (e.g. drawing/handicraft materials, scented oil)

  • In the organization and implementation of individual rays of hope, moments of time out
    (e.g. excursions, concert/theatre visits, sporting events, wellness offers, pottery courses, special dinner events...)

... or the realization of your very personal request.

Examples of activities carried out in addition to intensive psychological care:

  • Organize and donate an exclusive Christmas menu - prepared by a star chef - for the sick person to eat together with their mother.

  • Arranging a flight and travel for a patient to her home town to say goodbye to family and friends.

  • Visit of the psychologist in a day-care center in which 2 small children of a seriously ill child were cared for. The day care center staff wanted help and direction in dealing with the children of those affected in their special life situation, also because of the contact with the other children in the day care center.

  • Offer to create a film or audio to a patient who expressed the intention of creating a digital legacy for her children and relatives.

  • Organization of nursing support for a patient who had expressed the desire to visit a place of interest in the Würzburg area.

  • Organization of the medical and nursing care of a seriously ill woman in order to realize her wish not to have to experience the wedding she had been planning for a long time in the hospital, but to be able to celebrate a ceremony in a protected special room with her relatives.

  • Accompaniment and financing of a joint visit to the zoo for the sick with their families and children.


Marie-Luise Popp

Together with Mrs. Dr. Jentschke, Marie-Luise Popp (B.Sc.Psychology) is the current force behind the Birgit Werner Foundation at the university hospital.

"If you have any concerns, requests or questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to provide you with individual support that goes beyond the usual level through the foundation.

Desires do not always have to be clear from the start, desires and needs can only arise and mature over time. Desires can be material or immaterial.

Wishes and needs are diverse and individual: it doesn't always have to be one big heart's desire. It can also be a desire for a pack of healing clay to counteract the nausea caused by chemotherapy when eating.”

Marie-Luise Popp (B.Sc.Psychology)



Dr. Elisabeth Jentschke

Management: Psycho-oncological and neuro-psychological service

Systemic Psychotherapist / Family Therapist

Dr. E. Jentschke

In the making...

In order to expand the possibilities of individual support in the future, we are always looking for new ways to build collaborations with other projects and non-profit organizations. We are pleased to have made personal contact with the heart's desire ambulance of the Malteser in Würzburg and the Ulm treasure chest of the University Hospital Ulm in the last few months.


Birgit's love of nature and the memory of her regular "Nordic Walking" walks through the grounds of the 2018 State Horticultural Show at Hubland gave the donors the idea of contacting the garden department of the city of Würzburg to help plant trees in this area to help. Here, a plan was offered that had the motto "After the mall comes the green...", because after the demolition of the former US shopping center mall new green was to be created by planting trees. The parks office selected tree species that had proven themselves in the extreme summers of Würzburg: blue bell tree, walnut, warped oak, Norway maple, field maple, Lebanon cedar and purple alder. A total of over 40 stately trees were planted. A flower meadow was sown between the trees. It should develop into a species-rich, extensive long grass meadow – a habitat for numerous bees and insects.
The Birgit Werner Foundation participated by covering the cost of planting the bluebell tree, bladder ash and maple. The foundation donated a new park bench to the planting for the necessary rest during walks through the meadow park. The handover of the project, which began in spring 2020, will take place on September 7th, 2020, taking into account the necessary distance regulations during the corona pandemic, with the participation of Mayor Martin Heilig, the head of the Green Spaces Office, Dr. Helge Grob and the department divider Mr. Bernd Rausch.


Oncological Center of the University Hospital Würzburg

Psycho-oncology service

Josef-Schneider-Strasse 6 | House C16

97080 Würzburg

Registration and information:

Telephone: 0931 201-35350




Dr. Elisabeth Jentschke

Management: Psycho-oncological and neuro-psychological service

Systemic Psychotherapist / Family Therapist

Marie Luise Popp

Phone: 0931 201-35883 (Tue/Thu)


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