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Laureate 2023

Dr. Lisa Klute and Prof. Dr. Lehmann President of DVSE during the award ceremony at the DVSE Annual Congress 2023
(Photo DSVE)

Sehr geehrte Familie Werner,

Dear Werner family,

I would like to express my special thanks to you and emphasise with what awe and respect I accept this award. The fact that Birgit Werner's life's work is being honoured in this way fills me with pride.
My name is Lisa Klute, and I am completing my training as a specialist in trauma surgery and orthopaedics at the university hospital in Regensburg, now in my 5th year. Here I was fascinated by shoulder surgery from a very early age and was motivated to be able to treat traumatological and degenerative clinical pictures of the shoulder joint at an excellent level. Since this year, I have been in charge of the shoulder and elbow consultation at our clinic together with a colleague.
Now it would be appropriate to expand the surgical competence and I would like to do this - thanks to your support - within the framework of clinical shadowing with Dr. Kathi Thiele in Berlin and Dr. Konrad Mader in Hamburg in November of this year, as well as to start scientific cooperation here if necessary.
One more quick note - as for many of my colleagues, the path in shoulder surgery for women still has some obstacles today. So far, there are only a few female role models and although I was not allowed to meet Birgit Werner, I heard about her long before the award was announced and what a great influence she had on shoulder surgery and is therefore one of the important role models.

Thank you again, I am really very happy!
Dr Lisa Klute

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